Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Rock,Paper,Scissors quick write

The main aim of our writing is to demonstrate Level 3 writing features
scissors point of view

After I pop up out of the brush, I mean the paper brush, It's so pointy and scrunchy . "Man I hate all of this paper stuff itÅ› so ugly - crooked", edgy, "I am going to find the person who made all of this and the won't know what hit them"." bwh huh huh huh." "Man I'm having so much fun slashing  trees down with my knives and scissors". what's that I hear little paper footsteps. Rock ones to".

"I can see you" - eyes shining,scanning. "What are  you gonna do now little paper". Scissors with his glinting swords snarling ,chasing paper. "why are you running at me". Ssshhh iinn gg. "Oh look at you rock, helping your little friend". Bravely, slithering up to rock I  slice him on the back with my sword ting it bounces of." what why aren't I killing you arrghh". Rock replies "me rock, me smash, bring on gggrrrr".While Rock and Scissors have a awesome battle cling,ting clang, rock
jumps out of the abyss . Watch out watch out watch out RKO out of nowhere ahhhh.

This was my quick write about rock paper scissors. I was doing Scissors point of view in this quick write Scissors was the bad guy because didn'tlike paper here is the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GymppwZ7lU4

Thursday, 5 November 2015

My product

Today we sold our products at the senior school market I sold all of my products which was my bacon and egg wrap wich was a egg wrapped in bacon every one said they were nice.
I sold my product for $1.00 and I was very happy with 
how every thing turned out.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Bacon wrapped eggs

For my market product I am making bacon wrapped egg's.  What is that? An egg wrapped like a cupcake just it's with bacon! Here is a picture of a Bacon wrapped egg.              
  I used Grandpas bacon, Free range eggs and some peppers and seasonings.
I am selling my bacon wrapped egg's for $2.50 in a small brown paper bag. The six people that tried my product said they were very nice.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Calendar art

This is my zentangle, We were doing zentangle for our calendar art. My zentangle is two trout swimming along side each other. My favorite one is the top one because I sectioned of the patterns and it looks cooler.


This is my Pizza it has barbecue sauce on it with salami cut's, ham cut's and bacon. I think it would  taste real good but it looks kind of wierd. I made a voki of my pizza we had to write persasive writing to hook the buyer in to buy our pizza's. Anyway I hope you enjoy my voki. Thanks for spending on my blog.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

My geometric pattern

This is my pattern It  is a ten pointed star. in my star I have different shapes like squares and triangle and other things I only got to colour it in a little bit I had to use my protractor to find out the right degree to rule the line into the right direction. Every 30 degrees I have to rule a new line.

Thursday, 2 July 2015


This is my garden design. The garden box is 15.m in length and 6.m in width the seeds are Sweet red Onion. My  garden box needs to be in full sun for my so my seeds can grow. Germination 10-14 days and maturity is 25-28 weeks.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Writing to the Unknown

As a part of our ANZAC inquiry we had to write to the unknown soldier. We had to think about the soldier and how he felt when he went to war. We had to show how we could use paragraphs and different writing techniques.

To the soldier that never came home.

As I write to you I'm sitting next to some of my friends,  waiting for brain food to eat my crunchy apple too go play and run a round free from the gruesome past World War1. We have not forgotten you. We remember you serving for our country and setting us free.

I can’t get over the fact tens of thousands of New Zealanders and Aussies went to Gallipoli. Tens of thousands of them didn’t come home.  You were one of our boys on the battlefield serving for our country. You were one of them. The soldiers that didn’t come home.

When you enrolled for the army, did you think you were going to go an adventure or did you think you were going on a spine chilling horror story? Before you knew it you were in hot blazing sun and you knew it wasn’t an adventure. It was a horror story. Shooting out of trenches at the enemy. CRACK,CRACK,CRACK,CRACK,BOOM.  
What was it like to see your friends getting blasted back into the dirt wall in pain screaming. I cannot imagine what it felt like to see that Wondering if that was you. How would your family feel ? Did you see the dead and the wounded in no man’s land helplessly screaming help, help.

Were you one of the soldiers that had to bury your fellow soldiers in no man’s land. If you were, what was it like know that your enemies were right there staring at you face to face burying their dead soldiers? What would their families be feeling knowing their sons were out their fighting and all the get when their sons die. A letter.

I’m writing this letter to you. We haven’t forgotten all of our boys that went over to Gallipoli with high hopes and spirits. But landing on the wrong beach only knowing this would be a fight till the end.
We will remember them.

Yours Sincerely Nick Cater

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Gallipoli model

This is the fight at Gallipoli.
This is where the ANZACS fought .
This is model of the fight that killed so many of our boys.
The battle of Gallipoli.
The ANZACS arrived on the beach just to see a huge hill to conquer and at the top where the Turkish soldiers ready to fire and kill. That battle was a fight that went to the end.
Unfortunately,the Turkish soldiers won but even though we tasted defeat.
We will remember them.
How I made it. I got a cardboard box an put a black rubbish bag around it the put the dirt in and made the dirt into trenches and the big hill.

By Nick Cater

Thursday, 26 March 2015

My Mihimihi

Our class is learning about Mihimhi, This is my Mihimihi It explains where I come from and a little bit about me.

My Mihimihi

Tena koutou katoa
Ko Nick C ahau
No Havelock North ahau
Ko Te mata peak te maunga
                              Ko TukiTuki te awa
                              ko havelock north primary te kura
                               kei te mihi
                               tena koutou,
                               tena koutou katoa