Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Rock,Paper,Scissors quick write

The main aim of our writing is to demonstrate Level 3 writing features
scissors point of view

After I pop up out of the brush, I mean the paper brush, It's so pointy and scrunchy . "Man I hate all of this paper stuff itÅ› so ugly - crooked", edgy, "I am going to find the person who made all of this and the won't know what hit them"." bwh huh huh huh." "Man I'm having so much fun slashing  trees down with my knives and scissors". what's that I hear little paper footsteps. Rock ones to".

"I can see you" - eyes shining,scanning. "What are  you gonna do now little paper". Scissors with his glinting swords snarling ,chasing paper. "why are you running at me". Ssshhh iinn gg. "Oh look at you rock, helping your little friend". Bravely, slithering up to rock I  slice him on the back with my sword ting it bounces of." what why aren't I killing you arrghh". Rock replies "me rock, me smash, bring on gggrrrr".While Rock and Scissors have a awesome battle cling,ting clang, rock
jumps out of the abyss . Watch out watch out watch out RKO out of nowhere ahhhh.

This was my quick write about rock paper scissors. I was doing Scissors point of view in this quick write Scissors was the bad guy because didn'tlike paper here is the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GymppwZ7lU4

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